Portrait statue of Agrippina Minor
Early 2nd century CE. Significant modern restorations.
H. 263 cm.
Florence, Loggia of LanziPhoto by Egisto Sani

Portrait statue of Agrippina Minor.

Early 2nd century CE. Significant modern restorations.
H. 263 cm.

Florence, Loggia of Lanzi

Rome, Forum of Trajan.
Discovered in Rome in mid-16th century, presumably in the Forum of Trajan.
The set of the six female statues shown in the “Loggia dei Lanzi” in Florence, were discovered in Rome in the mid-sixteenth century, it is supposed to come from the Forum of Trajan.

From the left, the first two statues are unidentified characters; the not original heads are of the type known as “ideal”.

The third sculpture depicts a captive barbarian, known as the “Thusnelda”. The other three statues are Roman matrons high-ranking members of the imperial family. The fourth statue is the portrait of Salonia Matidia, the nice of the emperor Trajan and the mother in law of the emperor Hadrian.

(cc) 2013. Photo, text: Egisto Sani (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).
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