The Ficoroni Cista
Ca. 340—330 BCE.
Made by Novios Plautios.
Rome, National Etruscan Museum of Villa JuliaPhoto by Egisto Sani

The Ficoroni Cista.

Ca. 340—330 BCE.
Made by Novios Plautios.

Rome, National Etruscan Museum of Villa Julia
(Roma, Museo nazionale etrusco di Villa Giulia).

From Palestrina.
As for Jason, he is most likely to be recognized in the prominent figure to the left of the main group who leans on his raised left leg and wears a pointed cap or helmet. He is the only figure differentiated in this fashion, and the fact that he wears the familiar cap so often seen on Odysseus, again suggests his role as captain of the ship.

The dreamy youth seated in the upper left corner of the scene is not a mountain god, as his elevated position has induced many to think, but the seer Mopsos, from whose hand the priestly fillets flutter.

The remainder of Pindar’s Argonauts, the sons of Poseidon (Euphemos and Periklymenos), Hermes (Echion and Erytos), and Boreas cannot be identified with any reasonable degree of certainty.

Anyway, given the importance of Euphemos, especially in Pindar’s account, one might suggest that he is the hero represented on such close terms with Jason, and that his brother, Periklymenos, stands directly behind the leader.

(cc) 2015. Photo: Egisto Sani (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).
© 1945. Description: Williams P. L., “Note on the Interpretation of the Ficoroni Cista”, American Journal of Archaeology, vol. 49, no. 3, pp. 348—352.
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