Domus of Fortuna Annonaria. Colonnated courtyard
1st—4th cent. CE. Ostia, Archaeological Park “Ostia Antica”, V, 2, 8Photo by Ilya Shurygin

Domus of Fortuna Annonaria. Colonnated courtyard.

1st—4th cent. CE.

Ostia, Archaeological Park “Ostia Antica”, V, 2, 8
(Parco Archeologico di Ostia Antica, V, 2, 8).

A rich adaptation of the III—IV cent. AD of a II cent. AD house. The porch-like entrance leads into a colonnated courtyard where the statue of Fortuna Annonaria is located. In the west rooms the three arched frontage is of particular interest for the small pilasters with a cushion-like bases of the capitals. To the left is the fountain room with a niched apse at the back. To the east two rooms with decorated floors.
© 2015. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
Data: museum annotation.
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