Cassandra and Ajax
Red-figure kylix. Attic, Athens.
Attributed to “The Codrus Painter”.
Ca. 440—430 BCE.
H. 11.7 cm, L. 39.4 cm, D. 32.6 cm.
Inv. No. G 458.Paris, Louvre MuseumPhoto by Egisto Sani

Cassandra and Ajax.

Red-figure kylix. Attic, Athens.
Attributed to “The Codrus Painter”.
Ca. 440—430 BCE.
H. 11.7 cm, L. 39.4 cm, D. 32.6 cm.
Inv. No. G 458.

Paris, Louvre Museum.

Private collection, Campana.
From the Campana collection, 1861.

Iliuopersis: The rape of Cassandre

The Trojan princess Cassandra was the fairest among the daughters of Priam and Hecabe. She was famous for her unheard prophetic power: during the Trojan war she continually announces the calamities which are coming, without any one giving heed to what she says.

This kylix shows the sad fate of Cassandra at the taking of Troy. She fled into the sanctuary of Athena, and embraced the statue of the goddess as a suppliant. But Ajax, the son of Oileus, tore her away from the temple, and according to some accounts, even ravished her in the sanctuary.

When the Greeks divided the booty of Troy, Cassandra was given to Agamemnon, who took her with him to Mycenae. Here she was killed by Clytaemnestra, and Aegisthus put to death her children by Agamemnon, Teledamus, and Pelops.

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