Temple of Jupiter
Pompeii, Archaeological Park, Temple of Jupiter (VII. 8. 1)Photo by Giorgio Sommer

Temple of Jupiter.

Pompeii, Archaeological Park, Temple of Jupiter (VII. 8. 1)
(Pompei, Parco Archeologico, Tempio di Giove (VII. 8. 1)).

Pompeii, VII. 8. 1, Capitolium, Temple of Jupiter.
Photo, text: Travel album with photos of sights in Italy and France, various authors, 1860—1900. Rijksmuseum, No. RP-F-F01000-AW (CC0 1.0).
Albumen print, 20 × 25.2 cm, ca. 1870—1900.
Photo: Giorgio Sommer (1834—1914), No. 1208.
Inscription on the photo: 1208. POMPEI. Tempio di Giove, Sommer - Napoli.
Keywords: αρχιτεκτονική architectura architecture architettura architektur ιταλία ιταλική italia italy italian italiana italiano italiani italien italienische italie italienne πομπηία pompeii pompeian pompei pompeiano pompeji pompeianischen pompejanischen pompéi pompéien civic forum foro civil capitolium temple of jupiter vii 8 1 capitolio tempio di iuppiter giove kapitol tempel des capitole de columna column colonna kolonne säule colonne κολόνα στύλος scala stair stairs staircase treppe escalier σκάλα giorgio sommer albumen print stampa all’albume albumina albuminabzug albuminpapier impression d’albumine tirage albuminé contact a contatto kontaktabzug honorary arch arco onorario ehrenbogen arc honoraire 1208