Head of Drusus Minor
23—37 CE.
H. 35 cm.
Sessa Aurunca, Civic Museum

Head of Drusus Minor.

23—37 CE.
H. 35 cm.

Sessa Aurunca, Civic Museum
(Sessa Aurunca, Museo civico).

Cleveland, Museum of Art.
Phoenix Ancient Art.
Private collection.
Sessa Aurunca, Civic Museum.
Found during archaeological excavations in 1925-26 with a group of sculptures in the cryptoporticus of the ancient Roman theater of Sessa Aurunca near Naples.
Since 1926 in the Civic Museum of Sessa Aurunca, from where it was stolen in 1944.
Sold from the private collection of Fernand Sintes on Sep. 29, 2004 at the Piasa auction (Hôtel Drouot — Richelieu, lot 340) in Paris for 324,000 euros to an anonymous buyer. According to the certificate of origin, the head belonged to the seller’s grandfather, from the Algerian Bacri family, after whose death in 1960 it was inherited by him and was transported to France in Marseille “Cette tête de même originance que la tête vendue le 18 March 2003” — “This head is of the same origin as the head sold on March 18, 2003”.
Since 2007 at the art-dealer “Phoenix Ancient Art” as head of Tiberius, allegedly belonging to the Algerian Bacri family since the end of the 19th century and transferred at the beginning of the 20th century into a French private collection (Fernand Sintes, Marseille).
In 2012, it was purchased from the “Phoenix Ancient Art” by the Cleveland Museum of Art (Leonard Colton Hanna Jr. Fund).
Returned to Italy by the Cleveland Museum in April 2017 as having a criminal origin.
© 2018. Photo: Comando Tutela Patrimonio Culturale.
Exhibition “Testimoni di civiltà” (Roma, Palazzo Montecitorio, Camera dei Deputati, Sala della Lupa, 23 Jan.—28 Feb. 2018), organized by the carabinieri.
Add. information about the origin: https://lootingmatters.blogspot.com.
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