Sardonyx. Late 2nd century.
5.3 × 6.1 cm.
Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage MuseumInv. No. Ж 340.


Sardonyx. Late 2nd century.
5.3 × 6.1 cm.
Inv. No. Ж 340.

Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum

Acquired from the Saint Morys collection in 1792.
Maksimova, Reznye kamni, str. 100; Vystavka portreta, str. 35.
© 1971 Photo, text: Neverov O. Antique cameos in the Hermitage Collection. Aurora Art Publishers. Leningrad. 1971. P. 82, pl. 89.
Keywords: gemma glyptics gem gems glittica gliptica gemme glyptik glyptique αυτοκρατορικό imperial imperiale kaiserliches impérial ρωμαίος αυτοκράτορας imperator commodus roman emperor imperatore romano commodo römischer kaiser empereur romain commode roman romana romano romani römische römischer romain romaine καμέα κάμερες cameo cameos cammeo cammei kamee camée kameo camée απεικόνιση portrait portraiture ritratto ritrattistica porträtmalerei porträt roman romana römisches romain sardonyx sardonica cameo cammeo male portrait of the roman emperor commodus laurel wreath corona di alloro laurels radiate head inv no ж 340
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