Carved after a statue of the sculptor Tymarchidos.
Brownish glass. 2nd century. 8.6 × 5.1 cm.
Inv. No. 216.

Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum

Acquired from the Casanova collection in 1792.
Stefani, Putevoditel, str. 64; OAK za 1881, str. 80, tabl. V; Maksimova, Reznye kamni, str. 100.
1971 Photo, text: Neverov O. ANTIQUE CAMEOS in the Hermitage Collection. Aurora Art Publishers. Leningrad. 1971. P. 93, pl. 92.
Keywords: brownish glass cameo cameos Apollo carved after a statue of the sculptor Tymarchidos Phoebus musical instrument instruments cithara kithara cither cithern phalera tripod griffin gryphon griffins gryphons Inv No 216
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