Julian the Apostate.

Chalcedony. 4th century.
Height: 9.2 cm.
Inv. No Ω 80.
Saint-Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum.
A. V. Bank, Iskusstvo Vizantii, Moskva—Leningrad, 1960, tabl. 2; V. D. Likhachova, Khaltsedonovy biust Yuliana Otstupnika, Soobshcheniya Gosudarstvennogo Ermitazha, XXII, 1962, str. 18 sl.; P. Leveque, De nouveaux portraits de l’empereur Julien, Latomus, XXII, 1963, p. 74.
© 1971 Photo, text: Neverov O. ANTIQUE CAMEOS in the Hermitage Collection. Aurora Art Publishers. Leningrad. 1971. P. 95, pl. 107.

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Keywords: cameo cameos chalcedony male portrait of the roman emperor Julian the Apostate Julianus Iulianus II Inv No Ω 80