1. CERAMICS. Greece.
A Greek blacksmith.
2. CERAMICS. Greece.
A Greek shoemaker.
3. CERAMICS. Greece.
A peasant going to the market.
4. CERAMICS. Greece.
Achilles puts on the armour shaped by Hephaestus.
Peleus the father of Achilles, Achilles, Thetis the mother of Achilles, his son Neoptolemus (Pyrrhus) are represented.
Red-figure dish.
5. CERAMICS. Southern Italy.
Aeneas’ escape with old-aged Anchises from Troy.
Image on the attic vase (lekythos) from Gela.
5th century BCE.
Museum of Archaeology.
6. CERAMICS. Greece.
Armament of the ephebe.
7. CERAMICS. Greece.
Cithara and flute.
8. CERAMICS. Greece.
Delphic oracle.
9. CERAMICS. Greece.
Ephebe on horse.
10. CERAMICS. Greece.
Greek wedding procession.
Drawing on vase.
Guests on the symposium.
From a painting on a vase.
12. CERAMICS. Greece.
Gymnastic exercises of ephebes.
Red-figure vase.
13. CERAMICS. Greece.
Gymnastics training of ephebes.
14. CERAMICS. Greece.
Harvest of olives.
15. CERAMICS. Greece.
Hephaestus at the birth of Athena.
Red-figure vase.
16. CERAMICS. Etruria.
Hydria from Caere.
Second half of the 6th century BCE.
17. CERAMICS. Greece.
Music in sport, discus-thrower and fist fighter.
Red-figure cup. Attic.
By the Epiktetus Painter, by the potter Pamtheos.
Clay. Ca. 520 BCE.
18. CERAMICS. Greece.
Music of the sacrificial procession.
Black-figure amphora from Vulci. Attic.
Clay. 6th century BCE.
19. CERAMICS. Greece.
Painter with finished articles on the drying shelf.
Drawing inside a bowl, mid-4th century BCE.
Below: drawing on a hydria, the age of Greek and Persian wars (500—449 BCE).
20. CERAMICS. Greece.