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141. SCULPTURE. Rome.
Portrait of Livia, the wife of the emperor Octavian August.
Marble. Second quarter of the 1st century.
Inv. No. A 116.
Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum.
142. SCULPTURE. Rome.
Portrait of Livia. The Faiyum-Copenhagen type.
White marble. 4—14 CE?
Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Archaeological Repository of the de Sade Family.
143. SCULPTURE. Rome.
Portrait of a lady of the family Julio-Claudian (Livia?).
Marble. Early 1st century CE.
Sotheby’s Auction House, New York.
144. SCULPTURE. Rome.
Portrait of Livia. The Béziers-Kiel type.
White fine-grained marble. 14—22 CE.
Inv. No. 30. 006.
Toulouse, Saint Raymond Museum.
145. SCULPTURE. Rome.
Colossal statue of Faustina the Younger?
Second half of the 2nd century.
Inv. No. C 933.
Tunis, The National Museum of Bardo.