Тетрадрахма, серебро
Дата чеканки: 410—405 гг. до н. э.
Монетный двор: Катана
вес: 17.16 г
диаметр: 26 мм
ось: 9 ч.
АВЕРС:Колес­ни­чий в длин­ном хитоне мчит­ся в квад­ри­ге вле­во, спра­ва иони­че­ская колон­на, ввер­ху летит впра­во Нике, дер­жит венок и таб­лич­ку с над­пи­сью ΕΥΑΙΝ (Εὐαίνετος — Эвайнет), под лошадь­ми шарик, в обре­зе краб.
РЕВЕРС: ΚΑΤΑΝΑΙΩΝ — голо­ва Апол­ло­на в лав­ро­вом вен­ке вле­во, сле­ва коло­коль­чик на лен­точ­ке, спра­ва рак.
Ссылки: Rizzo, pl., XIV, 6
SNG ANS 1260
Pozzi 965
Gulbelkian 188—189
Сохранность: good EF
Очень редкая. Лучшая из известных.
Bertolami Fine Arts — Auction 12, lot 133 (29.10.2014).
Оценочная стоимость: 60000 EUR. Лот не продан.
Источник: https://auctions.bertolamifinearts.com
Комментарий аукциона Ira & Larry Goldberg Coins & Collectibles:

The obverse signed by Euaintos the famous celetor of Sicilian coins. His style shows that he was trained in Athens before engraving his Syracuse and Katane dies. The style of coins by Euaintos were very unique because, besides being signed by him, they depicted his subjects in a realistic and dynamic manner, with scale depictions of the charioteer, horses, and chariot wheels. Here Apollo’s countenance appears very youthful, delicate, and feminine, which is almost identical with the portrait Euainetos engraved of Arethusa, in his Syracuse coins. They look as though they could be siblings.


Комментарий аукциона Bertolami Fine Arts (2014 г.):

The polis of Katane was founded in 729 B.C. by colonists from Chalcis, coming from Eubea. In 476 BC, Hieron I drove all the inhabitants of Naxos and Katane, transferring them to Leontinoi, and repopulating it with the people of Syracuse and the Peloponnesian origin, changing the name to Aitna. With the fall of the Deinomenid dinasty, in 461 BC, all the exiles returned in tha ancient city, giving it back its old name. At the end of the fifth century BC, the polis was under the influence of Syracuse and tried to become independent siding with the Athenian advance in Sicily. The defeat Athens decreed the end of the autonomy of Katane.