Javelin thrower
Bronze. Mid-5th century BCE. Northern Peloponnesian (Olympia?).
Height: 8 cm.
Private collection, Geneva

Javelin thrower.

Bronze. Mid-5th century BCE. Northern Peloponnesian (Olympia?).
Height: 8 cm.

Private collection, Geneva.

No indication.
Solid-cast by the lost wax process, with some cold-working and burnished.

Condition: patina bronze medal colour, very small pitting over a great part of the surface.

Tip of nose abraded; right hand and left forearm missing as well as feet. The inserted penis a modern restoration.

Represented in the final phase of the discipline, running, his left arm forward for balance, his right arm raised, he is about to release the javelin.

We know of no valid comparison.

Dated by its style and attributed by what seem to be reminiscences of Northern Peloponnesian sculpture, though neither Sparta nor Thessaly are to be totally excluded.

A bronze rider in the Museum of Mariemont1 from the island of Keos bears some resemblance to our figure for the head and for the relatively flat thighs, though the latter would be natural for a horseman. However, it may be that the photograph is misleading.


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