Cameo. Sardonyx. 2nd century BCE. Inv. No. 25889.Naples, National Archaeological MuseumPhoto by Luciano Pedicini


Cameo. Sardonyx. 2nd century BCE.
Inv. No. 25889.

Naples, National Archaeological Museum
(Napoli, Museo archeologico nazionale).

Private collection, Medici.
From the Medici collection.
This splendid gem bears the amber- and honey-coloured figure of a centaur carrying a crater on his shoulder, silhouetted against a white background. It has been attributed to the Roman classicist trend of the 2nd century B.C. through the comparison with some representations of centaurs such as those of Aristeas and Papias in the Capitoline Museums.
© 1996. Photo, text: Stefano De Caro, “The National Archaeological Museum of Naples”.
Soprintendenza Archeologica di Napoli e Caserta. Electa, Napoli, 2001, p. 343.
© 1996. Photo: Luciano Pedicini.
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