The house of Orpheus
Late 2nd — early 3rd centuries CE.
Paphos, Archaeological ParkPhoto by Sabina Tariverdieva

The house of Orpheus.

Late 2nd — early 3rd centuries CE.

Paphos, Archaeological Park.

Although an area of about 600 square metres has already been excavated, it is still too early for the plan of the building to be intelligible. It appears to be of traditional type, however, with a colonnaded atrium around which the rooms are arranged. Recent (1987) investigations near the NE corner of the site have brought to light the edge of a group of rooms that almost certainly belongs to the bath complex of the house. Stone robbing and the World War II air-raid shelters have disturbed the site considerably, especially towards the west of the excavated area where the mosaics are located. On the east side the walls survive to a fair height and are often faced with plaster. This is scored in herring-bone fashion in order to provide better adherence for the final layer of painted plaster that once decorated the house. Myriads of fragments of painted wall plaster have been found in the debris and it is hoped that it will be possible to reconstruct at least part of the decorative scheme of the building.
The surviving walls show two distinct building phases. Small scale excavation below the floor level has shown that one of these phases belongs to an earlier underlying building of a slightly different plan. With the exception of the three mosaic rooms, all other rooms in the house have floors of beaten earth or, as in the case of those in the bath complex, of high quality cement. The date of the last phase of the house will be established once the excavation material has been studied systematically. For the moment, a date in the late 2nd / early 3rd cent. A.D. seems the most probable.
© 2008. Photo: S. Tariverdieva
© 1998 Text: W. A. Daszewski, D. Michaelidis. “Guide to the Paphos Mosaics”. Bank of Cyprus cultural foundation, 1998. P. 46—47.
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