The central court and column drums
Ca. 100 CE.
Kouklia (Paliapaphos), Temple of AphroditePhoto by Sabina Tariverdieva

The central court and column drums.

Ca. 100 CE.

Kouklia (Paliapaphos), Temple of Aphrodite.

The main Roman buildings enclose a spacious rectangular court. It remains uncertain whether the court was ever closed towards the west. In the area of a possible Roman west wing, medieval and modern construction has obliterated all earlier remains down to bedrock. (…) The bases in the court (on which Roman column drums have been placed) are of medieval date; together with the water channel leading through the passage, they formed part of the cane-sugar installations on the site.
© 2008. Photo: S. Tariverdieva.
© 2004 Text: Maier F. G. “Guide to Paliapaphos (Kouklia)”. Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation. Nikosia. P. 46—48, 50—51.
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