The North Hall
Ca. 100 CE.
Kouklia (Paliapaphos), Temple of AphroditePhoto by Sabina Tariverdieva

The North Hall.

Ca. 100 CE.

Kouklia (Paliapaphos), Temple of Aphrodite.

The raised podium of the North Hall also encloses a mosaic pavement, decorated with a rather austere pattern. The eastern part of this hall, except for its imposing south wall of re-used limestone blocks, is still largely covered by a modern house. But in 1993-95 the foundations of the eastern outer wall, several stretches of the south and east podium walls, as well as patches of mosaic whose patterns are identical with the pavement in the western part of the hall could be recovered. The North Hall covers a space of 62.5 by 12.5 m (…) and marks the boundary of the Sanctuary as shown by a road paved with limestone slabs which adjoins its northern and western front. (…)

The building apparently served as cultic banqueting halls — a type of building developed from the original Greek banqueting hall by substituting continuous platforms for the individual stone-built klinai. On these raised platforms, about 0.80 m high, the worshippers rested during meals. The lay-out of the hall is closely related to similar buildings in the sanctuary of Apollo Hylates at Curium, erected after the earthquake of AD 76/77, and at Pergamon. Unfortunately, no existing text refers to banquets as part of the cult ceremonies of Aphrodite Paphia.

© 2008. Photo: S. Tariverdieva.
© 2004 Text: Maier F. G. “Guide to Paliapaphos (Kouklia)”. Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation. Nikosia. P. 49.
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