Basilica Aemilia
Rome, Roman ForumPhoto by Sabina Tariverdieva

Basilica Aemilia.

Rome, Roman Forum
(Roma, Foro Romano).

As you go towards the Capitol along the road, which still retains at many points the paving of the Augustan period, you will find on your right the Basilica Aemilia. Founded by a member of the gens (or clan) Aemilia, from whom it its name, this is the sole surviving basilica whose plan still dates from the republican period, though its present appearance is the result of extensive restoration under the empire. This building, like the Julian Basilica on the oppo¬site side of the Forum, was the place where justice was administered, econom¬ic and financial transactions took place and the whole business of buying and selling that normally went on in the Forum would be moved indoors in bad weather.
© 2009. Photo: S. Tariverdieva.
Текст: Archaelogical guide to Rome, ed. Adriano La Regina, 2007, p. 17.
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