Portrait of a Severan Lady
Ca. 230—240 CE.
Inv. No. 1970.325.Boston, Museum of Fine ArtsPhoto by Roger B. Ulrich

Portrait of a Severan Lady.

Ca. 230—240 CE.
Inv. No. 1970.325.

Boston, Museum of Fine Arts.

Portrait of a Severan Lady (III).
Roman marble portrait of a Severan-period woman. Dated by the Boston MFA to ca. 230—240 C.E. The museum notes the similarity of this portrait to that of the empress Julia Mamaea (wife of Alexander Severus, who reigned 222—235 C.E.). Note the "scalloped" hairstyle; the carving of the hair is not finished at the top and back of the head.
© 2009. Photo: Roger B. Ulrich.
Text: museum inscription to the sculpture.
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