Portrait bust of a man
Ca. 110—138 CE.
H. 55.9 cm.
Inv. No. 13.231.1.New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Portrait bust of a man.

Ca. 110—138 CE.
H. 55.9 cm.
Inv. No. 13.231.1.

New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Said to have been found in Rome.
Until 1913, with Paul Hartwig, Rome.
Acquired in 1913, purchased from P. Hartwig by the Rogers Fund.
Bearded man looking to his left; a sword belt and military cloak worn over a bare chest. Hadrian, the first emperor to wear a beard, introduced the style to fashionable Roman circles. The sword belt and military cloak, worn over a bare chest, are frequent attributes in Trajanic portraiture and suggest that this is a transitional likeness from the beginning of Hadrian’s reign.
(cc) 2019. Photo, text: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (CC0 1.0).
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