Relief of the sepulture of the Haterii. Detail
The age of Domitian. Inv. No. 9997.Rome, Vatican Museums, Gregorian Profane Museum

Relief of the sepulture of the Haterii. Detail.

The age of Domitian.
Inv. No. 9997.

Rome, Vatican Museums, Gregorian Profane Museum
(Roma, Musei Vaticani, Museo gregoriano profano).

From the Tomb of the Haterii on the Via Labicana.
Another relief, depicting five ancient Roman monuments, documents the construction of certain important buildings from the Flavian age. This frieze is part of a series of finds held by the museum that were taken from the Tomb of the Haterii, which stood at the third mile of the Via Labicana. It depicts: the arch marking the entrance of the Temple of Isis (Iseo Campese) built just after 80 AD, the Coliseum still without its top storey, a four-sided arch, the Arch of Titus, and the Temple of Jupiter Custos enlarged about 90 AD. Presumably, the dead man was a contractor who had had an active role in the construction of the buildings shown.
© 2007. Photo, text: Pomella A. «Vatican Museums». Edizioni Musei Vaticani. P. 204—205.
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