Funerary inscription of Maritimus and Quinta
Ca. 15 BCE — 37 CE.
CIL VI 33794 = ILS 1696.
Inv. No. NCE 49.Rome, Capitoline Museums, Galleria CongiunzionePhoto by Olga Lyubimova

Funerary inscription of Maritimus and Quinta.

Ca. 15 BCE — 37 CE.
CIL VI 33794 = ILS 1696.
Inv. No. NCE 49.

Rome, Capitoline Museums, Galleria Congiunzione
(Roma, Musei capitolini, Galleria di congiunzione).

CIL VI 33794 = ILS 1696

Maritimi / Antoniae Drusi l(iberti) / rogatoris // Quintae / Antoniae Drusi l(ibertae) / cantricis

[Tomb of] Maritimus, freedman of Antonia, [wife] of Drusus, employed for recieving guests. [Tomb of] singer Quinta, freedwoman of Antonia, [wife] of Drusus.

(сс) 2009. Photo: Olga Lyubimova (CC BY-SA 4.0).
Text: the inscription in the museum.
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