Head of emperor Antoninus Pius
Ca. 138—140 CE.
Inv. Nos. 627 / 718.Rome, Roman National Museum, Palazzo Massimo alle TermePhoto by Roger B. Ulrich

Head of emperor Antoninus Pius.

Ca. 138—140 CE.
Inv. Nos. 627 / 718.

Rome, Roman National Museum, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme
(Roma, Museo nazionale romano, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme).

Roman Portrait of Antoninus Pius (reign 138-161). Sculpted at the beginning of the emperor’s reign (ca. 138-140); this first group of portraits known as the “Formia” type after this very image found at... Formia, and now displayed in Rome.
© 2005. Photo, text: Roger B. Ulrich.
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