Portrait of Vespasian
Second half of the 1st century CE.
Inv. No. 330.Rome, Roman National Museum, Palazzo Massimo alle TermePhoto by Roger B. Ulrich

Portrait of Vespasian.

Second half of the 1st century CE.
Inv. No. 330.

Rome, Roman National Museum, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme
(Roma, Museo nazionale romano, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme).

Found at Ostia at the sanctuary of Magna Mater.
Portrait of the Roman emperor Vespasian, first of the Flavian emperors (ruled A.D. 69-79); now in Rome, Museo Nazionale (Palazzo Massimo; formerly in the Terme, inv. 330). Perhaps a posthumous portrait made during the reign of Titus (A.D. 79-81).
Cf. R. Calza, Scavi di Ostia: I ritratti I, 45, No. 62; Daltrop, G.; U. Hausmann, and M. Wegner, Die Flavier (1966) pg. 79 and Plate 4; D. E. E. Kleiner, Roman Sculpture (1992) pg. 172.
© 2010. Photo, text: Roger B. Ulrich.
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