Portrait of Claudius reworked from Caligula
Marble. Mid-1st cent. CE. Mantua, Ducal Palace

Portrait of Claudius reworked from Caligula.

Marble. Mid-1st cent. CE.

Mantua, Ducal Palace
(Mantua, Palazzo Ducale (reggia dei Gonzaga)).

Italy (Rome?).
1.24. Mantua, Palazzo Ducale
H. 0.51 m.
Marble head worked for insertion.
Provenance: Italy (Rome?).
Publications: D. Kreikenbom (1992) 199, no. 3.62, pl. 15b-d, 16 a (with earlier literature); here, 30, fig. 13a-c.

Slight signs of aging have been added to the portrait including naso-labial lines and pouches beneath the eyes and a vertical furrow above the bridge of the nose. Caligula’s longer locks have not been altered on the nape of the neck. The volume of the coiffure and crown at the top of the head is overly large in comparison with the reduced proportions of the lower section of the face. The recarving of the chin has also caused it to recede slightly from the frontal plane of the face.

© 2004. Photo, text: Eric R. Varner, Mutilation and Transformation: Damnatio Memoriae and Roman Imperial Portraiture (Monumenta Graeca et Romana 10). Brill, 2004, p. 232, cat. 1. 24 , fig. 13 a.
© Photo: DAIR 73.2337.
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