Portrait of Agrippina Minor or Valeria Messalina
First half of the 1st cent. CE.
H. 32 cm.
Inv. No. PG 4.Aquileia, National Archaeological MuseumPhoto by Egisto Sani

Portrait of Agrippina Minor or Valeria Messalina.

First half of the 1st cent. CE.
H. 32 cm.
Inv. No. PG 4.

Aquileia, National Archaeological Museum.

Aquileia, San Rocco.
Head portrait depicting Agrippina Minor or the empress Messalina, third wife of the emperor Claudius. The hairstyle of this female character is typical of the Julio-Claudian princesses. The features of this head could be compared with the Agrippina’s portrait identified as the Olympia Agrippina Type. Some scholars identify this portrait with Messalina, third wife of the Emperor Claudius. According to some hypothesis this portrait is pertinent to a statue belonging to an imperial sculptural cycle where Messalina was portrayed near her mother-in-law Antonia Minor.
V. S. M. Scrinari, Mus. Arch. di Aquileia, 1972, S. 78, Nr. 237, Abb. 238.
(cc) 2016. Photo, text: Egisto Sani (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).
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