Theatre of Bacchus in Athens
4th cent. BCE. Athens, Acropolis, Theatre of DionysusPhoto by Félix Bonfils

Theatre of Bacchus in Athens.

4th cent. BCE.

Athens, Acropolis, Theatre of Dionysus
(Αθήνα, Ακρόπολη, Θέατρο του Διονύσου).

View of the Theater of Dionysus, also known as the Theater of Bacchus, an open-air theater with a small wooden shack at the theater’s orchestra area. Also visible are two men seated in the tiered seats.
Photo, text: Souvenirs d’Orient. Album Pittoresque des Sites, Views et Ruins… de la Terre Sainte… [Egypte, Palestine, Syrie, Grèce]. 1877 (title of the photo with an error: “Temple of Bacchus”).
Albumen silver print, 22.8 × 28.2 cm.
Photo: Félix Bonfils (French, 1831—1885), 1873—1877.
Digital image courtesy of the Getty’s Open Content Program.
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