Funerary relief showing mother and child
50 CE.
25.5 × 33.8 × 4.9 cm.
Inv. No. A129246.London, Science Museum

Funerary relief showing mother and child.

50 CE.
25.5 × 33.8 × 4.9 cm.
Inv. No. A129246.

London, Science Museum.

Private collection.
Reported origin from excavations at Ostia. Purchased in Rome in 1932 along with other items (inv. A129245, A113241) by Captain Peter Johnstone-Saint, a collector working for Sir Henry Wellcome. On the three cards a name can be read in relation to the purchase: Racchi, Rocci and Rocchi — this may be Mariano Rocchi (1855, Perugia — 1943, Roma). The object form part of the Wellcome Collection of Medical Objects and are on permanent loan to the Museum (Science Museum’s Small to Medium Object Store, Blythe House, London) from the Wellcome Trust (Reg. No. 18/1936).
Plaque showing mother and child found at Ostia. A tomb relief commemorating either a woman who died in childbirth or of a mother and child who both died of some disease such as plague.
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