The Ganymede jewelry: two pairs of gold fibulae of Macedonian type
Gold, rock crystal.
Ca. 330—300 BCE.
H. 3.8 cm, W. 5.0 cm; weight 16.5, 17.0, 17.3, 16.5 g.
Inv. No. 37.11.13—16.New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Ganymede jewelry: two pairs of gold fibulae of Macedonian type.

Gold, rock crystal.
Ca. 330—300 BCE.
H. 3.8 cm, W. 5.0 cm; weight 16.5, 17.0, 17.3, 16.5 g.
Inv. No. 37.11.13—16.

New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Private collection, Germany.
Private collection, Greece.
Said to be from near Thessaloniki (Richter 1937, p. 292).
Around 1913, collection of M. Ritsos;
1913 — purchased by F. L. von Gans from M. Ritsos, Thessaloniki, Greece;
1919 — purchased by Kurt W. Bachstitz from von Gans, Frankfurt, Germany;
1937 — purchased by Metropolitan Museum (Harris Brisbane Dick Fund) from Bachstitz, New York.
Such fibulae (pins), which belong to a northern Greek type characterized by “paddle wheel” decoration, were normally worn in sets of six. Two more matching fibulae have been identified, one in Berlin and one in the Gans collection. Each hinge plate is decorated with the head of a woman wearing a lion skin–all produced with the same die. She can be identified as either Omphale, the queen of Lydia wearing Herakles’ lion skin, or Artemis, the goddess of the hunt.
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