François vase: side B with scenes of centauromachy
Black-figured volute krater. Attic.
Ca. mid-6th cent. BCE.
Inv. No. 4209.Florence, National Archaeological MuseumPhoto by Ilya Shurygin

François vase: side B with scenes of centauromachy.

Black-figured volute krater. Attic.
Ca. mid-6th cent. BCE.
Inv. No. 4209.

Florence, National Archaeological Museum
(Firenze, Museo archeologico nazionale di Firenze).

Production of Athens, ca. 565 BCE. Was found by Alessandro François, official archeologist of the Great Toscan Duke Leopold II, in 1884-85 in Chiusi in a tomb of an etruscan princess in the Fonterotella necropolis.
At the center of the scene is the centaur Petraios, holding a branch, fighting a Lapith named Hoplon; Hoplon is fully armed, like the other Lapiths, and wields a spear in his right hand. To his right is another centaur, Melanchaites (?), who hurls a rock at a Lapith; beneath Melanchaites is a fallen centaur, Pyrrhos.

To the left: a part of scene with three centaurs, Hylaios, Agrios and Hasbolos, are pounding Kaineus into the ground.
Rim B: a line of seven youths and seven maidens dancing the Crane Dance (Geranos). The youths wear mantles with various borders; the maidens, peploi with different decorations. The dancers are all labelled: from left to right, Phaidimos, Hippodameia, Daduchos (written Daidochos), Menestho, Eurysthenes, Koronis, Euxistratos (written Heuxsistratos), Damasistrate, Antiochos, Asteria, Hermippos (written Hernipo), Lysidike, Prokritos, and Eriboia (written Epihoia).

© 2019. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
Data: museum annotation.
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