Statue in the park.

Nicolaes de Vree (16451702).
Oil on canvas. 1677. 86.5 × 117 cm.
The signature and the semi-erased date on the pedestal of the marble statue : N de Vree 16[77]
Inv. No. 1028.

Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum

Receipt: between 1763 and 1774.
Photo, text: Antichnoe nasledie v iskusstve Zapadnoi Evropy. Katalog vystavki. s. 57 cat. No. 50.
2004 Gosudarstvennyi Ermitazh, Sankt-Peterburg.
2004 AO Slaviya, Sankt-Peterburg.
2004 OOO Kompaniya Bazovyi element, Moskva.
Keywords: oil on canvas Nicolaes de Vree 1677 statue in the park the signature and the date N de Vree 1677 Flora Farnese Inv No 1028
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