6th century BCE. Tarquinia, Tomb of the Augurs


6th century BCE.

Tarquinia, Tomb of the Augurs

© Photo, text: G. I. Sokolov. Iskusstvo etruskov. M., Izd-vo “Iskusstvo”, 1990, s. 107, il. 62.
Keywords: ζωγραφικήί pictura ars picturae painting pittura malerei peinture ετρουσκική etruscan etrusca etruskische étrusque φρεσκογραφία τοιχογραφία νωπογραφία wall fresco frescos frescoes opera parietale murale opere parietali murali affresco affreschi freskomalerei frischmalerei wandmalerei fresko fresken fresque fresques etruscan wall painting fresco frescos frescoes affresco affreschi tarquinia tomb of the augurs mourners weeper weepers mourners false door rivets rivet chiton cloak male etruscan garment garments clothes clothing shoes
History of Ancient Rome
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