Hadrian. Detail.

Marble. Ca. 117138 CE.
Inv. 50 T (Cat. Mendel 585).

Istanbul, Archaeological Museum

Crete, Hierapitna.
2010. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
Info: museum annotation.
Keywords: marble statue loricata of the roman emperor Hadrian loricatus lorica tunica shoes anatomical cuirass heroic cuirass muscule cuirass lorica musculata classic cuirass apotropaion lappets armour armor military dress cloak paludamentum fimbriae belt girdle sash waistband pteryges pturyges pteruges winged Nike Nika Victoria Victory Vittoria Alata Athena capitolian she-wolf Remus Romulus Jupiter-Hammon Ammon owl snake Inv No 50 T Cat Mendel 585
History of Ancient Rome