So-called Herodotus.

Marble. Roman copy of the 1st century CE after a Greek original of the 5th century BCE.
Height 52 cm.

Saint Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum

From the Campana Collection; found at Tivoli.
1921. Photo, text: Waldhauer O. F. Etjudy po istorii antichnogo portreta. Part I, s. 31, ill. 15. Ezhegodnik Rossijskogo Instituta Istorii Iskusstv, t. I, vyp. I. Peterburg, 1921.
Photo: from a photograph.
Keywords: marble portrait herm herma herme term erma of an unknown Greek man so-called historian Herodotos Herodotus Herodot Erodoto beard from the Campana Collection Tivoli
History of Ancient Rome