Frontal panel of a sarcophagus with scenes of lions hunting. The central scene.

Marble. 220—270 CE.

Spoleto, Piazza del Duomo

From palazzo Campello. Donated to the Duomo by Contessa Guglielmina Campello in 1954 on occasion of repavement of piazza del Duomo. Mounted in the right wall of the piazza at the suggestion of archbishop Raffaele Mario Radossi.
Central, and the most significant scene, demonstrating the virtus of the deceased, occupies the predominant area of the relief. Equestrian hunters together with unmounted servants and a dog attack a mighty enraged lion. Killed wolf and fallow deer lying on the ground testify a successfull hunt. An enlarged figure of the equestrian hunter facing the lion’s mouth, presumably the portrait of the deceased, acts as the centre of the composition.
© 2010. Photo and description: Ilya Shurygin.



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