Ring with a bust of Jupiter.

Gold. Ca. 50 BCE — 20 CE.
Weight 14 g.
Inv. No. Misc. 7051.

Berlin, State Museums, Old Museum

Found in Petescia (modern Turania), north of Rome, in 1875. Acquired in Rome in 1876.
Greifenhagen I 77 ff., pl. 58,7+9, pl. 59,6 and 59,4, colour pl. VII, 3; Antikenmuseum 1988, 355, Case 24,1b, Nos. 16 and 23; L. Pirzio Biroli Stefanelli, L’oro dei Romani (1992) 23, figs. 11-13, 231, Nos. 10 and 12; T. Springer, “Ein Hort von Dona Militaria”, in: Acta Praeh. et Arch. 25, 1993, 265 ff.; G. Platz-Horster, in: Archäologischer Kalender 1998, Verlag Philipp von Zabern Mainz, 25. Mai — 7. Juni 1998; G. Alvino, “Turania”, in: La Valle del Turano sulle tracce dell’antico (Rieti 1999) 19f., fìgs. 3 and 7.

On the find as a whole and the circumstances surrounding its purchase, see: G. Platz-Horster, “Der Schatzfund von Petescia”, in: Prospettiva, In memoria di Mauro Cristofani, ed. B. Adembri (Rome, in press).

On the Jupiter ring, cf: E. Vernier, Cat. Général des Ant. Égyptiennes du Musée du Caire. Bijoux et Orfèvreries vols. I—II (1907-09) 105, No. 52296, pl. 26 (gold ring). Götter und Pharaonen, Exhibition Essen 1978, No. 153 (a votive ring made of marble). B. Nardelli, I cammei del Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Venezia (Roma 1999) 31, No. 3 (chalcedony cameo): early 1st century AD, and see the review by G. Platz-Horster, in: Gnomon 74, 2002, 58 f.

On the Satyr and Nymph ring, see: O. M. Dalton, Cat. of the Engraved Gems of the Post-Classical Periods, British Museum London (1915) 21, pl. VII, 133. The onyx cameo, said to be 16th century work inscribed COCTPAT for “Sostratos” was acquired in 1815; it requires an ancient model which corresponds compositionally with the one found at Petescia in 1875.
© 2002. Photo, text: Platz-Horster G. Ancient gold jewellery: Altes Museum. A selection from the permanent exhibition. Philipp von Zabern, Mainz, 2002, pp. 84—87, cat. no. № 50.

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