Votive relief of Cutius Gallus
Age of Empire. Plaster cast.
CIL III 7266 = ILS 3853.
Rome, Museum of Roman CivilizationPhoto by Olga Lyubimova

Votive relief of Cutius Gallus.

Age of Empire. Plaster cast.
CIL III 7266 = ILS 3853.

Rome, Museum of Roman Civilization
(Roma, Museo della civiltà romana).

Athens, National Archaeological Museum.
From Epidaurus.
Votive relief dedicated by Cutius Gallus in gratitude for the recovery from deathness. There are shown two ears. Original: Athens, National Archaeological Museum.

CIL III 7266 = ILS 3853.

Cutius has auris Gallus tibi voverat olim / Phoebigena et posuit sanus ab auriculis

Cutius Gallus has once vowed these ears to you, the offspring of Phoebus, and set them up being sound in respect to ears.

(сс) 2009. Photo: Olga Lyubimova (CC BY-SA 4.0).
Text of the description: the inscruption in the museum.
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