Inscription praising the consul Gaius Duilius who defeated the Carthaginians at the battle of Mylae (Milazzo, Sicily) in 260 BCE.

Augustan age (27 BCE — 14 CE). Copy.
CIL VI 40952 = Inscr. It. XIII2 13 = ILS 55.
Inv. No. MCR 120.

Rome, Museum of Roman Civilization
(Museo della civiltà romana)

Forum of Augustus, Rome. Original in the Antiquarium on the Caelian Hill, Rome.
CIL VI 40952 = Inscr. It. XIII2 13 = ILS 55

] navis oc[toginta et Macellam] / [oppidum c]epit pri[m]us d[e Poenis n]aval[em trium]/[phum egit h]uic per[mis]sum est u[t ab e]pulis domum / [cum tibici]ne e[t f]unali rediret [ei s]tatua c[um] / [columna] pr[ope a]ream Vulc[ani p]os[i]t[a est] / [aedem apud foru]m ho[litorium ex spoliis Iano fecit]

... captured eighty ships and the fortress of Macella. He was the first to celebrate a naval triumph over the Carthagenians. He was permitted to go back home after feasts with a flutist and a torch. A statue with a column was erected for him near the area of Vulcanus. He built the temple of Janus near the vegetable market from his spoils.

(ρρ) 2009. Photo: Olga Lyubimova (CC BY-SA 4.0).
Text of the description: the inscription in the museum.
Keywords: Caius Gaius Duilius consul I Punic war Mylae column honorary praising inscription Macella naval triumph flutist torch area of Vulcanus Temple of Janus forum Holitorium vegetable market Inv No MCR 120 CIL VI 40952 Inscr It XIII 2 13 ILS 55 navis octoginta et Macellam oppidum cepit primus de Poenis navalem triumphum egit huic permissum est ut ab epulis domum cum tibicine et funali rediret ei statua cum columna prope aream Vulcani posita est aedem apud forum holitorium ex spoliis Iano fecit