Upper front part of the base of the statue dedicated by the people of Delphi to Marcus Minucius Rufus, who defeated the Scordisci in 106 BCE.

106 BCE. Copy.
CIL III 14203, 23 = CIL I2 692 = ILS 8887 = ILLRP 337 = ILGR 153.
Inv. No. MCR 147.

Rome, Museum of Roman Civilization
(Museo della civiltà romana)

Delphi, Greece. Original in Delphi, Greece.
CIL III 14203, 23 = CIL I2 692 = ILS 8887 = ILLRP 337 = ILGR 153

Μενεκράτης καὶ Σώπατρος Θηβαῖοι ἐποίεσαν
M(arcum) Minucium Q(uinti) f(ilium) Rufum imperatorem Galleis / Scordisteis et Besseis / [reliqueisque Thraecibus devictei]s [ob me]rita [Apolline]i / de[dic]avit populus Delphius

Menecrates and Sopatros the Thebans have made (this statue).
(This statue of) Marcus Minucius, son of Quintus, Rufus, imperator, after the Gauls, Scordisti, and Bessi and the remaining Thracians were defeated by him, because of his merits, to Apollo was dedicated by the People of Delphi.

(ρρ) 2009. Photo: Olga Lyubimova (CC BY-SA 4.0).
Text of the description: the inscription in the museum.
English translation: Rome and Greek East to the Death of Augustus / Ed. and transl. by R. K. Sherk. Cambridge, 1984. P. 56, No. 52
Keywords: dedicatory honorary inscription base statue Marcus Minucius Rufus Delphi Apollo Galli Scordisci Bessi Thracians Menecrates Sopatros Thebans Inv No MCR 147 CIL III 14203 23 CIL I 2 692 ILS 8887 ILLRP 337 ILGR 153 Marcum Minucium Quinti filium Rufum imperatorem Galleis Scordisteis et Besseis reliqueisque Thraecibus devicteis ob merita Apollinei dedicavit populus Delphius