Base of the statue of duumvir and pontifex Caius Cuspius Pansa.

Stone. 6370 CE.
Height 1.29 m, width 0.755 m, depth 0.68 m, height of the letters 0.0360.048 m.
CIL X 791 = ILS 6360a.


Pompeii, forum of the city (May 5, 1817).
CIL X 791 = ILS 6360a.

C(aio) Cuspio C(ai) f(ilio) f(ilio) Pansae,
pontifici, I̅I̅vir(o) i(ure) d(icundo),
ex d(ecreto) d(ecurionum) pec(unia) pub(lica).

To Caius Cuspius Pansa, son of Caius, pontifes, duumvir with judicial powers, according to the decree of decurions, at public expense.

.108 C. Cuspius C.f Pansa features in two inscriptions corresponding exactly to the two dedicatory inscriptions (X. 790, 859) which, in our discussion of C. Cuspius Pansa could be dated to the years shortly after 62444. C. Cuspius Pansa filius is referred to as duumvir, and it seems likely that his duumvirate could have been held in the previous decade.

444 444 See. pp. 100101.

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2016. Translation from Latin: O. Liubimova.

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Keywords: Caio Cuspio Cai filii filio Pansae pontifici IIviro iure dicundo ex decreto decurionum pecunia publica Caius Gaius Cuspius Pansa duumvir duovir jurisdiction pontifex decree of decuriones public expense honorary honorific inscriprion base of statue CIL X 791 ILS 6360a