Achilles bandages Patroklos’ arm.

Red-figure kylix. Attic.
Attributed to Sosias as Potter by signature; to “Sosias Painter” by Beazley / “Berlin Painter” by Robertson as painter.
Clay. Ca. 500 BCE.
Inv. No. F 2278.

Berlin, State Museums, Old Museum
(Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Altes Museum)

The vase was found in 1828 in Vulci, Camposcala, by Fossati. It was acquired by Magnus, and came to Berlin in 1829 with the Dorow collection.
Kylix tondo: Achilles bandages Patroklos’ arm. Patroklos, who has been wounded in the upper left arm, sits on his shield, his right knees splayed outward and his left leg extended with his foot braced against the outline of the tondo. The elbow of his injured arm is supported on his left thigh. He holds the bandage with his right hand, and turns his head away from the injury. Achilles stoops at his friend’s side, wrapping the bandage around Patroklos’ arm with both hands, his full attention on the wound. He wears a short chiton, a skirted cuirass, a crested helmet and sandals. The cheek-pieces of his helmet are turned up. Patroklos, who is bearded and has a thin mustache, wears a short chiton, a skirted cuirass and a tight cap which covers the crown of his head and formed a cushion for his helmet. His quiver hangs over his left shoulder [it’s a loose shoulder-strap. — Site Editor’s note.]. An arrow (taken from his arm?) rests against the outline of the tondo on the far left.

The drawing of the eyes of Achilles and Patroklos is unique: they are not shown frontally, as on most contemporary vase paintings, nor in the conventional profile view of later painting, but are rendered very realistically (and somewhat unnaturally large), adding greatly to the pathos of the scene.

The two heroes are named by inscriptions: Πατροκλος and Αχιλλευς retrograde.

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