Portrait head of Tiberius
Ca. 40 CE.
H. 35.5 cm
Sessa Aurunca, Civic MuseumPhoto by Jerome M. Eisenberg and Brent M. Ridge

Portrait head of Tiberius.

Ca. 40 CE.
H. 35.5 cm

Sessa Aurunca, Civic Museum
(Sessa Aurunca, Museo civico).

Private collection, USA.
Royal-Athena Galleries.
Private collection, Algeria — France.
Sessa Aurunca, Civic Museum.
For the origin, see No. 9204.

24. Roman marble over life-size portrait of the emperor Tiberius Claudius Nero, 42 BC—AD 37

Ca. 40. H. 14 in. (35.5 cm.)
Said to have been found in North Africa.
Ex French private collection, Marseilles.

In quality, modeling of facial features, and carving of individual hair locks, especially at the sides of the head, this portrait is like two other marble images of Tiberius also belonging to or at least related to the “Berlin-Naples-Sorrento” type: one of these, from Philomelion in Phrygia, Asia Minor, is in the Louvre (MA 1255); the other, which is added to a semi-nude seated statue from Caere, is in the Museo Gregoriano Profano Lateranense in the Vatican (inv. 9961).

© 2003. Photo, text: Royal-Athena Catalog No. 79. Art of the Ancient World: Greek, Etruscan, Roman, Egyptian & Near Eastern Antiquities. Jan. 2004, vol. XV. Royal-Athena Galleries, New YorkLondon 2003. P. 10—11, lot 24. Cover photo.
© 2003. Photo: Jerome M. Eisenberg and Brent M. Ridge.
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