Punishment of Ixion
Fresco of the Fourth style. 60—79 CE. Pompeii, Archaeological Park, House of the Vettii (VI. 15. 1. p)Photo by Alfredo and Pio Foglia

Punishment of Ixion.

Fresco of the Fourth style. 60—79 CE.

Pompeii, Archaeological Park, House of the Vettii (VI. 15. 1. p)
(Pompei, Parco Archeologico, Casa dei Vettii (VI. 15. 1. p)).

Excavated 1894—1895. North exedra-pinacotheca, east wall.
On the central wall under the image of the deity with the horn of plenty (probably, goddess Concordia) there was placed the picture “The Punishment of Ixion” — the perfidious king of lapiths in Thessaly, saved by Jupiter out of pity and admitted to the meal of gods, dared to woo Juno. Jupiter sent Nephele, cloud taken the shape of the goddess, to Ixion to prevent her disgrace. The union of Nephele and Ixion will create the generation of centaurs. When Ixion started to boast of the victory over Juno, Jupiter subjected him to eternal torture. In the picture Ixion is already tied to the fire wheel, which will spin in heaven forever. Among the gods it is easy to recognize Mercury, Juno, Vulcan, Iris, and the female figure in prayer pose near the legs of Mercury is Nephele.
© 2002. Photo, text: Помпеи / Под ред Ф. Коарелли. Слово, Москва, 2002. P. 306—309.
© Photo: Alfredo and Pio Foglia.
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