Landing of Paris and Helen
Lost fresco from the Palatine palace. Rome, Palatine

Landing of Paris and Helen.

Lost fresco from the Palatine palace.

Rome, Palatine.

Private collection, Farnese.
The twenty-fifth is exceeding curious, because it shews us a Triremis; but how far it may help to take off the Difficulties in explaining that Fabric, I must leave to others to judge. The Original is now quite gone, though it was found not very long ago [for 1744] in the Orti Farnesiani. Palazzo the Pope’s Antiquary assured me it was in very good Condition when it was discovered, and a Drawing of it was then taken. It was in height four Roman Palms [ca. 30 cm], and in breadth something less. It is said at Rome to represent Antonio and Cleopatra; but many Objections may be made against this Conjecture, and perhaps as many against calling it the Landing of Paris and Helen, as others have christened it.
Text: G. Turnbull. A curious collection of ancient paintings accurately engraved from excellent drawings, lately done after the originals, by one of the best hands at Rome. With an account where and when they were found and where they now are, and several critical, historical and mythological observations upon them. / By George Turnbull. London, 1744. P. 31.
Drawing: Ibid., pl. 25.
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