Sarcophagus with representation of scenes from the Iliad (known as “The Pianabella sarcophagus”)
Greek marble. 160 CE. Inv. No. SBAO 43504.Ostia, Archaeological MuseumPhoto by Ilya Shurygin

Sarcophagus with representation of scenes from the Iliad (known as “The Pianabella sarcophagus”).

Greek marble. 160 CE.
Inv. No. SBAO 43504.

Ostia, Archaeological Museum
(Museo archeologico ostiense).

Necropolis of Pianabella, 1976. The fragments of the sarcophagus were acquired in 1982 by the Antikenmuseum in Berlin from illegal archeologists, as “a part of a private collection”. After excavations in 1988—1991, when the rest part of the sarcophagus was discovered in situ, all the parts were reunited and under mutual agreement are displayed in Ostia.
Janet Huskinson. Habent sua fata: Writing Life Histories of Roman Sarcophagi. In: Life, Death and Representation. Some New Work on Roman Sarcophagi. De Gruyter, 2010, pp. 58—61.
© 2015. Photo: Ilya Shurygin.
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