Wall block from the Patronus tomb with an inscription
Volcanic tuff.
Ca. 20 BCE.
IGUR III 1303f.
Paris, Louvre MuseumPhoto by Sergey Sosnovskiy

Wall block from the Patronus tomb with an inscription.

Volcanic tuff.
Ca. 20 BCE.
IGUR III 1303f.

Paris, Louvre Museum.

Private collection, Campana.
IGUR III 1303f
Italy — Rome — late 1st cent. CE — IG XIV 1934 — GVI 2027 — cf. IGUR IV, p. 165, 1303.

1 οὐ βάτοι, οὐ τρίβολοι τὸν ἐμὸν τάφον ἀμφὶς ἔχουσιν,
οὐδ’ ὀλολυγαία νυκτερὶς ἀμπέταται,
ἀλλά με πᾶν δένδρος χαρίεν περὶ ῥίσκον ἀνέρπει
κυκλόθεν, εὐκάρποις κλωσὶν ἀγαλλόμενον·
5 πωτᾶται δὲ πέριξ λιγυρὴ μινυρίστρια ἀηδὼν
καὶ τέττιξ γλυκεροῖς χείλεσι λειρὰ χέων
καὶ σοφὰ τραυλίζουσα χελειδονὶς ἥ τε λιγύπνους
ἀκρὶς ἀπὸ στήθους ἡδὺ χέουσα μέλος.
Πάτρων ὅσσα βροτοῖσιν ἐράσμια, πάντ’ ἐτέλεσσα,
10 ὄφρα καὶ ἰν Ἀίδῃ τερπνὸν ἔχοιμι τόπον·
τἆλλα δὲ πάντα λέλοιπα καὶ ἐν νεότητι κατέκτην,
οἴχηται πλὴν ἃ πρὶν ζῶν ἀπεκαρπισάμην.
13 πατὴρ Πάτρων μέν, Ἀπποληία δ’ ἐγώ·
τεκνῶ δὲ δισσὰ τέκνα, πατέρα δ’ εὖ λέγω.
1 Neither brambles nor burdocks hold court around my tomb,
Nor does any shrilling bat turn overhead;
But rather every tree gracefully spreads upwards, twisting in a circle all about my vault,
Which is made glorious from all sides by their branches heavy laden with fruit.
5 And flitting around and about is a clear-voiced warbler, a songstress,
And a cicada boldly holding forth from between sweet lips,
And a clever swallow quietly intoning, or even a cricket’s shrill chirping,
When a pleasant song is pouring forth from her breast.
[I], Patron, achieved all sorts of lovely things among mortal men
10 In order that I should also have a delightful place as well in Hades;
But, also, I have left behind all those things I used to seek after in my youth;
It is all gone, save that fruit which I harvested before, while alive.

My father is Patron, and I am Appoleia;
I have brought two children into the world, and I commend [eulogize] my father.

(сс) 2019. Photo: Sergey Sosnovskiy (CC BY-SA 4.0).
Text: museum label.
Exhibition: “A Dream of Italy. The Marquis Campana Collection”. Saint Petersburg, State Hermitage Museum, 17.07.2019—20.10.2019).
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