Maidens wearing water from a spring
Black-figured hydria. Attic.
Ca. 530—510 BCE.
Attributed to the Antimenes Painter.
Height: 47.2, width: 39.4, depth: 33.2 cm.
Inv. No. 1843,1103.66.London, British Museum

Maidens wearing water from a spring.

Black-figured hydria. Attic.
Ca. 530—510 BCE.
Attributed to the Antimenes Painter.
Height: 47.2, width: 39.4, depth: 33.2 cm.
Inv. No. 1843,1103.66.

London, British Museum.

Found in Vulci, Italy.
Purchased in 1843 from Alexandrine Bonaparte, Princess of Canino (through James Millingen).
Pottery: black-figured hydria. Designs in black on red panels, separated by maeander, with borders of ivy down the sides; accessories of white and purple.

1. On the shoulder: Departure of a warrior: In the centre a quadriga to left, into which the charioteer is stepping, bearded, in short embroidered chiton, with sword at side. In advance of him, looking back, is a warrior in a visored helmet, with spear and shield with device of three pellets. In front of the horses is an old man seated on an okladias to right, with white hair and beard, in long chiton and himation, in left hand a sceptre. On the left is a nude bearded male figure advancing to left, looking back, with left hand raised over the old man’s head. In front of him is a warrior with visored helmet, greaves, spear, shield with device of a plane-leaf, facing an old man with white hair and beard, wrapped in a himation, with sceptre in right hand. Behind the chariot is a female figure to right, in long chiton and himation over her head, facing a warrior armed as the last one, with a dolphin as device on his shield; behind him an archer to left, bearded, in peaked cap and short chiton, carrying bow and quiver.

2. On the body: Hydrophoria; On the left, part of a building with one Doric column and entablature, on the left side of which is a fountain with water pouring from a lion’s head into a hydria on a base. Before the building is a maiden to left holding out her hands under the fountain; behind her are three pairs of maidens confronted, on the way to and from the fountain and conversing; those on the way from the fountain have hydriae upright on their heads, the others horizontal. All have long tresses with fillets, and long embroidered chitons with diploidia. In the field are numerous imitation inscriptions, and between the second and third pairs from the left is inscribed: Σίμη καλή.

3. Below: Frieze of animals: Lion to right between boars (of the one on the left only the forepart is visible), and lion and boar confronted.

Curator’s comment:

Mus. Etr. p. 155; C.I.Gr. 8035; Wernicke, Lieblingsn. p. 17; Klein, Lieblingsinschr. p. 26.

Scene (2) may show preparations for a ritual known as the Hydrophoria. This took place on the second day of the spring festival of the Anthesteria, and involved the ceremonial pouring of water into a particular chasm.

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(cc) 2020. Photo, text: The British Museum (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).
© The Trustees of the British Museum.
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