The Ganymede jewelry: pair of earrings with Ganymede and the eagle
Ca. 330—300 BCE.
Total height 6.0 cm, height of rosette 2.5 cm, height of pendants 3.0 cm; вес 15,1 г и 16,5 г.
Inv. No. 37.11.9—10.New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Ganymede jewelry: pair of earrings with Ganymede and the eagle.

Ca. 330—300 BCE.
Total height 6.0 cm, height of rosette 2.5 cm, height of pendants 3.0 cm; вес 15,1 г и 16,5 г.
Inv. No. 37.11.9—10.

New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Private collection, Germany.
Private collection, Greece.
Said to be from near Thessaloniki (Richter 1937, p. 292).
Around 1913, collection of M. Ritsos;
1913 — purchased by F. L. von Gans from M. Ritsos, Thessaloniki, Greece;
1919 — purchased by Kurt W. Bachstitz from von Gans, Frankfurt, Germany;
1937 — purchased by Metropolitan Museum (Harris Brisbane Dick Fund) from Bachstitz, New York.
These superb earrings consist of a large honeysuckle palmette below which hangs a finely worked three-dimensional figure of the Trojan prince Ganymede in the clutches of Zeus, who has assumed the guise of an eagle. Coveted by Zeus for his beauty, Ganymede was carried off to Mount Olympos to be a cup-bearer for the gods. The pendants are sculptural masterpieces in miniature, which no doubt reflect in their basic conception a famous large-scale bronze group of the same subject, made by Leochares in the first half of the fourth century B. C. The airborne theme is ingeniously adapted here to an object that hangs freely in space.
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(cc) 2021. Photo, text: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (CC0 1.0).
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